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Du Prairie Farm English Shepherds are outstanding dogs that excel at farm and livestock chores as well as canine sports, family companions and watch dogs. Ultimate care is given to the parents and puppies which create a stable minded, healthy, all-purpose English Shepherd.


Only excellent temperaments, highly intelligent, healthy English Shepherds are considered for our breeding program. Litters are limited each year to ensure plenty of individual love and attention. Each puppy is acclimated to a variety of things so they are ready for their new families at 8 weeks old.


Du Prairie Puppies are raised to be:

       well socialized, happy and attentive to people and their needs

       enjoy children and adults

       display herding instincts, good for a variety of livestock or canine games

       personable and tolerant

       listen well and follows closely

       courageous and confident, yet not dominate, bossy or aggressive

       intelligent, sensitive, all-purpose English Shepherd, exceptional companion and watch dog

       parents and grandparents with remarkable hip scores, all are MRD1 n/n

       1st puppy vaccine, dewormed twice before leaving our family

       registered litter with UKC


Heilig Du Prairie and Mr. Darcy Litter Born April 27th, 2018


Heilig is our three year old black and tan. She is very obedient and easy to live with. She is paired with Mr. Darcy, our true and trusted male. Mr. Darcy is black and white. This litter will be excellent for families wanting an intelligent, friendly canine athlete. They bring together our original lines that have formed the basis for the Du Prairie breeding program. Both parents are OFA good and MRD1 n/n. These puppies are playful, get along well with each other, enjoy their daily romps and exploring. They are willing puppies that want to spend time with people and playing. They are good, even-tempered litter of English Shepherds.


Happy Heilig F

Heilig Du Prairie



Mr. Darcy Du Prairie





Imelda---A sweet minded, happy girl. Smart, very attentive, playful and kind. Smooth, easy to care coat of fur. Excellent companion, agility, farmer's helper. Not too busy or rough. A perfect blend for an outstanding English Shepherd.



Miguel---Miguel is a happy, bouncy boy that loves to chase brooms and tennis shoes. He is thoughtful and enjoys spending his time with people. He will be great on a farm, with livestock and children.





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