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"Imelda" is a bright, happy, playful puppy that would make a lovely companion, helper or agility dog. She has a quick, sharp learning mind, medium size, easy to care for coat. She is not dominate in her disposition. She is not reserved either, but shows a fair mind, courageous attitude and kind, pleasing personality. Born April 27, 2018.


From Mr. Darcy and Autumn's Heilig Du Prairie. Both parents are OFA Good, MRD1 neg/neg.


You can see a video of Imelda in action at https://youtu.be/7-PIKLsKO0I.


And at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4qVJhU8874&feature=youtu.be.









Our puppies are born in hour home where we can handle them all day long. We move the litter to our attached garage so daily romps are easy and they share it with a few baby goats too. That is pretty entertaining for them and good early training with livestock---just licking milk off faces and hearing/seeing how goats are. We have garage cats too, that help the puppies become familiar with critters. These two are ready to go to their new families where they will be happy for all their lives. They have so much to offer an individual or family. They could easily be on a farm or hobby farm, or in suburbia if given play time and training and a job to do.





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