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We are pleased to announce Ginny’s final litter. Nine puppies were born on October 21st, 2018 – 6 males and 3 females.  Below are pictures of the individual puppies at 5 weeks.  They are growing, playing and interacting well.








What a sweetie! He likes to make his rounds in the yard. He’s our thinker puppy.  He loves belly rubs and skin scrunches. Al likes to interact with people of all ages, gets along well with puppies, has confidence and is not bossy or aggressive.  He’s an all-purpose English Shepherd capable of doing anything a person would want a dog to do.


Al Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWE8-jc20PE






Eric is thoughtful, kind and relaxed. He likes to play and be held. Eric is a softer puppy, big and fluffy. He enjoys taking things slower and checking them out. He really loves a gentle person that is easy to warm up to. He loves toys too.


Eric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KufXagSJOdk





Fantastic puppy! He’s a great guy. Listens well, loves belly rubs and hanging out with people. Will is a playful, happy puppy. He loves to engage with people and play with toys. He would be great for people that like to play.


Reserved for John in Wisconsin


Will Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq0cgibJdvk








Ginny is the mother of the litter and our main farm dog. She is a wonderful greeter, likes to patrol the property boundary, calm, intelligent, kind, OFA good and an excellent mother. 


Below is a picture of Ginny.




The sire is Mr. Darcy Dunadan Du Prairie. He is a happy and obedient male and produces happy even-tempered puppies.



Our puppies are born in our home where we can handle them all day long. We move the litter to our attached garage so daily romps are easy. We have garage cats that help the puppies become familiar with critters. They will be ready to go to their new families where at 8 weeks. They have so much to offer an individual or family. They could easily be on a farm or hobby farm, or in suburbia if given play time, training and a job to do.


Below is a picture of Ginny’s and Darcy’s puppies:







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